ArtGroup LA is an artist collective in the Los Angeles area that believes in the POWER of artistic expression as a proponent of cultural and personal growth.

We are just really getting started here at ArtGroup LA, there will be many ways to support and participate in the near future… but for now, please help us get the ball rolling by support our crowd funding campaign on Patreon:

Please contact us if you are in the LA area and you think you would be a good fit. We are a pretty subversive lot who are planning on doing some weird shit. I’m just saying… not for everyone. 🤫

  • Establish and create a platform to help local artists:
    • Promote and monetize their work
    • Share resources and knowledge
    • Offer mentorship and educational programs
    • Engage in art activism
  • Formation of an Arts Collective that:
    • Facilitates events, supports local artists and educational programs
    • Manages art space and shared professional resources
    • Acts as an intermediary between ArtGroup LA and the outside world to forward the collectives agenda
  • Expand the Arts Collective into a national LifeStyle Guild that will provide value to their members through like-minded community and cultural proliferation.
  • Merge LifeStyle Guilds with government funded UBI (maybe look it up), health and educational programs. Incentivize corporations to act with humanitarian and moral imperatives.
  • End non-moral incentivized capitalism