Aliens, Immortal time-travelers, LA Based Electro producer/DJ “Interdimensional Warlock”.. These mysterious and beguiling figures all share one trait – much has been kept from the public’s knowledge of their existence, origins, and objectives. Data pertaining to the The latter of this group, (Interdimensional Warlock) have only recently been unearthed – the unfortunate collateral damage in a massive security breach at Area 51 – Exposing a decades-long coverup, and many of our most closely held documents, showing existence of exrra-terrestrial shape-shifters, Bigfoot, or an entire race of ‘Big ‘Feet’ – and of course, the Loch Ness monster. Most troublingly of all, though, is correspondence which confirms the existence and recent excapet from Space Force custody – Interdimensional is now on the loose, and threatens our very way of life. What little about him that is known – show that his beats are a cunning adversary – the result of a lifetime of obsessive dedication in the curatorship and production of his ‘music’ combining influences from the past, present, and future of underground electro – represent a clear and present danger to the status quo – and threaten all we have achieved in our efforts to control and contain the thoughts of the general public, through our relentless mind control campaigns. It is speculated that he is being hidden by a rogue group of radicals – self-proclaimed band of ‘defenders of the underground’ – in a secret location deep underneath Los Angeles, and we have reason to believe that he and his forces are planning something big. With forward thinking, creatively bold DJ sets, and original music released on respected US and UK labels like Digital Distortions, Perimeter Junk, & Diffuse Reality, His beats and DJ sets aim to break new creative ground, smash barriers and challenge what was previously thought possible, ,and represent a clear and present danger to the cultural status quo; challenges what was previously though possible in what can be conveyed via this medium of ‘underground dance music’ and, if mass exposure is achieved – it could upset our efforts to keep the public’s imagination under control – independent thought and creative individuality could be restored.

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