Tavis is a Maui-based artist with a passion for adventure, education, and technology. Growing up in Topanga Canyon, Tavis developed a love for the great outdoors, and technology and is now an avid kiteboarder. Not content with simply riding the waves, Tavis loves to push his limits by doing megaloops while kiteboarding, a testament to his adventurous spirit. As a former rock climber and paraglider pilot, Tavis has a history of conquering new heights, including winning the US sport class nationals in 2015.

With his skills as a builder of innovative weather-tracking devices such as the WindyTron, Tavis has the technical know-how to complement his love of the outdoors. With past experience working as a sysadmin at Dreamhost, Tavis brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project he undertakes, ensuring that they run smoothly. Join Tavis on his journey to experience the beauty and wonder of the world through his eyes.

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