Sun Gem #S014


Sun Gems are handmade solar garden crystals for your home and garden, they are made from epoxy resin embedded with solar powered LEDs that automagically light up at night.

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Sun Gems range in size from around 8-14cm, each crystal has built-in solar and rechargeable battery that when exposed to a few hours of direct sunlight durning the day, will illuminate the crystal from dusk till dawn. 

Each Sun Gem is unique and one of a kind. If the one you like has already been sold, we can customize a Sun Gem to have the colors and shape that you desire. Also, we typically embed material like dried flowers, acrylic textiles, and glass into the Sun Gems but we are open to adding other dried organic or non-organic material to be preserved and illuminated. 

All Sun Gems come with a rubberized hook for hanging and they like to be hung above eye level where they can get a few hour of direct sunlight during the day. Sun Gems do not spin themselves, but a spinner device can be purchased on amazon, and we will have our own custom spinner devices available for sale soon on this site.

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